In Production


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created by Dean Farrell and Phoenix Romero

My Life On Hold” features the lives and challenges of children who suffer from chronic illness.  Over 33 million children in the US alone are faced with the challenge of simple survival.

Inspired by Dean Farrell and Phoenix Romero-Booth, “My Life On Hold” is being created as an episodic series for broadcast that focuses on the daily struggles of a diverse cross section of children and their families.

Joining the Orcatek team, Grammy Award winning composer Bruce Lowe will bring his audio alchemy and creative vision for the musical score.

Currently in development, “My Life On Hold” is working to raise funds for the production.

Jacque and Gina – The Oddest Couple

created by Dean Farrell and Tracee Rohde


The story of two people who should never be friends, but fate keeps them together and for some reason the become friends.