A webmercial is like a TV commercial produced especially for viewing via the internet, on computers and mobile devices.  Everything you expect in a TV commercial at a price that fits today’s market.

Studies show that people retain information better when they see it and here it.  This is where webmercials come into the picture.  Sound and sight mean your customers will remember your message much better than just reading it.

Webmercials also offer flexibility.   Whereas television requires fixed formats, typically 30 seconds, your webmercial can be any length you want.  If 22 seconds is all you need, no problem.  Need 48 seconds or even multiple minutes, you can have it without a problem.  We do recommend staying under 3 minutes though, as people’s attention tends to wane after 3 minutes.

Now our typical small business client is working with real world budgets.  That means you are spending hundreds and not thousands of dollars.  We deliver top quality at small business budgets.

And the best part, is once we’ve create your awesome webmercial, it cost nothing to “air it”.  Post on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and even add to your website.



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